Did I mention that I read some entrepreneurial advice that changed my life?   The article in question reminded me to floss after every airline meal.  That advice did wonders for my dental hygiene, bolstered my self confidence, even helped me land a new job.  Thank you, Top Eight Travel Habits of Smart Entrepreneurs.”   (See link below.)

What’s that you say?  The article didn’t mention flossing?  Really?

Gosh, I was sure it had.  After all, it quoted most everything else my mother ever told me.  “Dress Sharply.”  “Use Your Time Wisely.”  “Always Wear Clean Underwear, in case the plane crashes and you end up in a hospital.

Say, what?   That last, nugget-o-wisdom also failed to make the cut for the “Top 8 Travel Habits of Smart Entrepreneurs?

How can that be?   I’ll bet it was on the list until some mean-old-editor needed more space, cutting the list from ten to eight.  I’ll take comfort in knowing that the author was almost certainly unperturbed by such editorial deviltry; after all, she knows that it’s best to just “Stay Cool” (Travel Habit #8).

Where was I?  Oh, yes.  Check out this life changing article . . . but don’t forget that keyboards harbor more germs that a dog’s mouth.  Smart Entrepreneurial travelers only use easy-to-clean, touch screens (Travel Habit #11).


The original story appeared on www.inc.com

Business trips in the summer mean more people, bigger crowds and hotter weather.

Source: 8 Sanity-Saving Travel Tips for Resourceful Entrepreneurs

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