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Web Design – The Challenge

You need an online presence and website for your startup but you’re not sure how to go about it.   Should you use Wixx, Squarespace, Weebly or similar website-building service?  Or, should you hire an advisor or web design firm?   If you had the time, being a true entrepreneur, you could probably build a site from scratch . . . but your time is best spent on other tasks.  Whatever your choice, how much should you spend?

Maybe you already have a site, but it’s ineffective and dated.  Or you need to improve your SEO. Can the present site be fixed or upgraded?   Would it be easier to start afresh with web design?  Does your site integrate properly with your sales, CRM and accounting systems?  How do you use Google Analytics?

Where should you start? The web is like a “Black Box”. Don’t worry, utilize “The Black Box Theory” and you’ll be fine!

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Web Design – The Solution

There are plenty of web design platforms that will allow you to build a site in a matter of hours.  What many people forget, or simply don’t know, is that those platforms can be very limited in terms of web design and integration possibilities.  Remember, web design is only part of the whole equation. There are many other factors, like SEO that come into play when building the right website and online presence.

If you know what you are doing and are happy with a “plug and play,” web design template platform, Wixx and its peers are great.  If you’re unsure and have questions about which hosting platform to choose, seek advice.  Don’t get locked into a customized site that is difficult to update.  And don’t listen to friends who built a site five or ten years ago; their advice is likely dated.  WWLC can help you determine the best way to proceed. Just contact us, it’s free!

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Web Design - WorldWide Local Connect - Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash


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